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CDWserver Pro

The commercial CDWserver Pro replaces the server coming with the webCDwriter GPL packages.

Additional features

  • protection against writing files of different users to one medium
  • SSL encrypted connections to the server
  • status output while waiting for a writer
  • link the files that are already on the server instead of copying them
  • use all writers available to burn several copies of a project
  • DVD+R/+RW/-R/-RW/-RAM/+R DL support by running Andy Polyakov's excellent dvd+rw-tools
  • user management by the commands CDWuseradd and CDWpasswd

Installation instructions

  1. Download and install webCDwriter 2.8.2
  2. Install the dvd+rw-tools or above (CDWserver Pro 2.8.2 was tested with 7.0.1). You may use
    $ sh tar2rpm.sh dvd+rw-tools-
    to build a RPM for your system.
  3. Install an original cdrecord and mkisofs for webCDwriter
  4. Download
  5. Run
    $ sh CDWserverPro-2.8.2.sh
    This will replace the CDWserver of webCDwriter and start the new one.
  6. Get a free "14-day CDWserver Pro Trial License". Please note that this license currently limits the size of a single DVD session to 1 GB but you may write several sessions to a DVD.
    The URL of the license key will be send to your eMail address. Don't worry, your address will not be given to third parties!
    I would like to receive announces of new webCDwriter releases
  7. If CDWserver Pro meets your requirements, buy a license key and simply save it as /etc/CDWserver/key.txt on the server.


CDWserverPro-2.8.1.sh (282303 bytes)
 md5sum: b8c60acc134c651ed6075fd4b7e7201e
CDWserverPro-2.8.1-static.sh (741274 bytes)
 md5sum: b122cc0a70ad14842ebff1fcb787e8e2

CDWserverPro-2.8.0.sh (280166 bytes)
 md5sum: 10e46c3afce7638f18c5a3e1232fdeba
CDWserverPro-2.8.0-static.sh (738408 bytes)
 md5sum: 5f4afbab5af39cd404c15404ca7d29f0

CDWserverPro-2.7.3d.sh (277615 bytes)
 md5sum: 12cf4beca22cd900f1abd3ee5e508b85
CDWserverPro-2.7.3d-static.sh (735905 bytes)
 md5sum: 2cc9d5ac4b5ef15e183b82fc7f46da25

CDWserverPro-2.7.3.sh (277701 bytes)
 md5sum: 85ebafbdbc160c685d6c411fc04bfb9e
CDWserverPro-2.7.3-static.sh (735705 bytes)
 md5sum: 9a3fd062561f4493e00b1297ad7a9d8d

CDWserverPro-2.7.2.sh (275985 bytes)
 md5sum: 1c6bf96ee68992e8e1bdba66b1efd205
CDWserverPro-2.7.2-static.sh (733939 bytes)
 md5sum: e9da832f90a28190021395600c37187c

CDWserverPro-2.7.1.sh (275726 bytes)
 md5sum: 388f006c9a91c79c4a5e578cd477cf30
CDWserverPro-2.7.1-static.sh (734006 bytes)
 md5sum: f0aa7c548083d17420b31f06188e581d

CDWserverPro-2.7.0.sh (274579 bytes)
 md5sum: 0f598698cbbc488ad9b74b7d9c2e26a5
CDWserverPro-2.7.0-static.sh (732758 bytes)
 md5sum: 7a2b5e4dab3b3df796bfe9422a5e8541

CDWserverPro-2.6.8.sh (246378 bytes)
 md5sum: 01cd033ed03eea089c7607092a2aeee1
CDWserverPro-2.6.8-static.sh (652698 bytes)
 md5sum: ef861e1c2175c74f8b70a05691c3b7b3

CDWserverPro-2.6.7.sh (245201 bytes)
 md5sum: c0b6193fc4ab83657db0571ad7ac53c4
CDWserverPro-2.6.7-static.sh (651671 bytes)
 md5sum: a0cd6520609ceb1452f60f00ba5b2f39
CDWserverPro-2.6.7-FreeBSD-5.2.1.sh (248264 bytes)
 md5sum: 1ec6b8c09314f17bef4953387c4381ba
Note: CDWserver Pro 2.6.7 was tested with dvd+rw-tools- and 5.21.x

CDWserverPro-2.6.6.sh (640521 bytes)
md5sum: a72f108d95d0e89a5305142576401ee3
Note: CDWserver Pro 2.6.6 was tested with dvd+rw-tools-

CDWserverPro-2.6.5d.sh (606784 bytes)
md5sum: 8cccab6e70ceb0c43a6ce9e7f8f9611c
Note: CDWserver Pro 2.6.5d was tested with dvd+rw-tools-

CDWserverPro-2.6.5.sh (605567 bytes)
md5sum: 0698609b69ab1983a19a446f5728015b
Note: CDWserver Pro 2.6.5 was tested with dvd+rw-tools-

CDWserverPro-2.6.4.sh (595488 bytes)
md5sum: a0416214881b0756357ca938de578914
Note: CDWserver Pro 2.6.4 was tested with dvd+rw-tools-

CDWserverPro-2.6.3.sh (586495 bytes)
md5sum: 9cd1c84266408a78718d8a4407f346ab
Note: CDWserver Pro 2.6.3 was tested with dvd+rw-tools-

CDWserverPro-2.6.2.sh (585992 bytes)
md5sum: ba1ce4a4a16529f09885153a986fbc49
Note: CDWserver Pro 2.6.2 was tested with dvd+rw-tools-

CDWserverPro-2.6.1.sh (646091 bytes)
md5sum: 9987e65c62a5b45ea2d4cf60c7c4f2a8
Note: CDWserver Pro 2.6.1 was tested with dvd+rw-tools-
Note 2: Since there is a typo in the specfile of dvd+rw-tools- use my patched version dvd+rw-tools- instead.

CDWserverPro-2.6.0.sh (645623 bytes)
md5sum: 1b80de38130af43bc332e072df63dd9d
Note: CDWserver Pro 2.6.0 was tested with dvd+rw-tools-