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Using rcdrecord


  • Writing the image file cdimage.iso
    rcdrecord cdimage.iso
  • Creating an image and writing it
    mkisofs -r /bin | rcdrecord -
  • Copying the first track of a data CD
    rcdrecord /dev/[hd?|scd?]
  • Writing WAVs and MP3s to an audio CD
    rcdrecord 1.wav 2.mp3 ...
  • Adding the directory /bin to a data CD
    files2cd /bin
    In this case webCDwriter will automatically use multisession mode. This is a shortcut for
    rcdrecord -J -r -multi -file /bin
  • Adding the directory /bin to a DVD+RW
    files2cd medium=DVD+RW uid=tester /bin
    This will also write the user ID tester to the medium.
  • For more options see
    rcdrecord --help
    files2cd --help